About Bridgold

ZHEJIANG BRIDGOLD is located at Liushi ,Wenzhou -Electrical Capital of China. BRIDGOLD, founded in 1982 and registered in 2007, specializes in manufacturing FLEXIBLE

BRIDGOLD FLEXIBLE​ COPPER CONNECTORS used for electrical conduction and grounding solutions, such as braided copper wire connectors, stranded copper wire connectors, copper foil connectors, braided copper wire, stranded copper wire, carbon brush wire, aluminum braided connectors and stainless steel braided connectors, etc.

BRIDGOLD after several years’ development, has become a medium-sized enterprise combining research, production, marketing and is one of the biggest manufacturers of FLEXIBLE COPPER CONNECTORS in China. Now BRIDGOLD products are sold well both in China and international markets.

Our company was established in Nanjing in 2009. It is a private enterprise specializing in the production of rehabilitation equipment.  The company has established a complete product distribution, installation and professional after-sales service. 

The new technology of modern medical treatment is the product of the high degree of science and technology and the high degree of integration.Representative known new medical technology include: artificial reproductive technology, organ transplantation, gene technology, and imaging technology, laser technology, examples of directional technology.Its wide range, including the following characteristics.

BRIDGOLD owns modernized workshops covering an area of 30,000 ㎡ and 270 staffs including 20 professional technicians. BRIDGOLD guarantees the quality in the whole process of production. We can offer more than 2,000 types of high-quality FLEXIBLE COPPER CONNECTORS, and we are the qualified supplier for more than 2500 enterprises, like TOSHIBA, ABB, GE, SCHNEIDER, and SIEMENS, etc.

BRIDGOLD, in the future, will move forward on the road of innovation and provide first-class products, service and infinite values for you.