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High Growth Enterprise - Bridgold

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    The industry leader has received much attention. 37-year flexible copper connectors customization expert Bridgold has used the “high growth enterprise”awards as well as high-quality products, intimate and assured pre-sales and after-sales service to customers.

On June 27th, Zhejiang Bridgold Copper Science and Technology Co., Ltd met the construction team of“Yue Business Park”project. Originally, the Yueqing City Federation of Industry and Commerce created a“Zhejiang New Era Entrepreneur Healthy Growth Demonstration Zone”and collected relevant materials and filmed promotional videos for outstanding enterprises that were selected to be selected as“Yue Business Park”.

    Zhejiang Bridgold Copper Science and Technology Co., Ltd has been registered in 1982 and has been registered in 2007 for 37 years. Over the years, it has been adhering to the business philosophy of cooperation and mutual benefit, and has won the “Top 50 Enterprises in Liushi”.Yueqing high-growth enterprise, "Wenzhou star enterprise", "Yueqing star enterprise", "contract-honoring and trustworthy enterprise" and "tax-paying advanced enterprise" and other honorary titles, now have the honor to be listed as "high-growth enterprise" and "invisible champion" Enterprise, Zhejiang Bridgold Copper Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has been insisting on using the high-quality copper braided wire, copper stranded wire, flexible laminated copper shunt, insulated flexible copper busbar and other flexible copper connectors to open up the future of the world.

    At the same time, we will continue to adhere to technological innovation to promote flexible laminated copper shunt product innovation and conductive connection innovation; with innovative service system to provide new and old customers with better quality and more intimate and assured pre-sales and after-sales service.