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On the Importance of Packaging Mode for Laminated Copper Shunt

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    There are many foreign customers in Bridgold. Shipment and transportation need logistics and express delivery. Because the laminated copper shunt is easy to damage, even if it is delivered to the door, it will inevitably be bumpy when it is transported. However, for laminated copper shunt, the damage is highly likely to cause surface scratches and crushing.

    Therefore, the protection of the package of the laminated copper shunt is particularly important. By repeatedly testing the qualified laminated copper shunt, it will be packaged and shipped by selecting the appropriate packaging method. First, the film is entangled and protected, and a bubble pad is added, and a layer of bubble composite type pearl cotton is layered underneath to protect. For large product, the laminated copper shunt that can't be collided at all, the card slot is used to make it better protected.