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Brief Introduction of Flexible Copper Braided Connectors

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The copper braided wire is woven with copper wire. As a flexible copper connector, the copper tube can be pressed at the contact surface at both ends of the braided copper wire. The pressing process doesn’t use any auxiliary additives. The materials of the copper braid and the copper tube are both conductive and the same extension T2 copper. Flexible copper braided connectors can be used for transformer grounding, locomotive power system, mine explosion-proof switch, generator set, high-voltage electrical appliances, etc.

There are two types of copper braided wire: TZX tinned copper braided wire and TZ bare copper braided wire. Tinned copper braided wire is tinned on the surface of the braided wire. It can be tinned to prevent oxidation and avoid surface blackening. The bare copper braided wire is braided with T2 copper, and the copper content is more than 99.95%, which greatly reduces the electrical resistance and improves the electrical conductivity.

special design:

In special design, various specifications of tinned copper wire can be used according to customer's requirements. The mounting contact surface can be tin plated or silver plated, and also can be customized according to customer's drawings or samples.