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Why Are the Tinned Copper Braided Wires Recognized as Aluminum Wires by Customers?

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We often received some customers’ phone. They will ask us about the copper braided wire and then our salesman will give them a quote. Everyone knows that Bridgold industry not only produces copper, but also aluminum and stainless steel.

After asking the price, the customer directly took a screenshot from our official website and said: Why are your tinned copper braided wires looking like aluminum? Our business manager looked at this and answered him that this is indeed a tinned copper braided wire material. It is like an aluminum braided wire after tin plating. We can detect it as T2 copper.

The evaluation on the Internet can be seen everywhere. In the past 3.15 Consumer Rights Protection Day, we exposed many black-hearted businesses and problem companies, and we will never become such a business, because Bridgold sincerely establishes good business contacts with customers.