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How to Choose the Appropriate Hardness-softness for Flexible Copper Shunt

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1. Generally, the copper foil used by our company is in soft state, hard state and 1/4 semi-hard state.

2. The soft state and hard state below 100 width are normal, and the soft state above 0.2mm thickness is basically selected for 100 width and above.

3. New energy flexible copper shunt generally uses 1/4 state.

4. Good flexibility is required for the use of the product, and the hard state is selected, such as the switch needs to be automatically reset. The thickness of a single piece of flexible connection used in large-scale smelting equipment and welding equipment is greater than or equal to 0.2mm flexible copper foil.

5. If the customer has requirements, the customer's requirements shall prevail.

BRIDGOLD has been devoted to the development of various high quality high-voltage and low-voltage electrical equipment flexible copper shunt for more than 30 years. Widely used in generators, transformer switches, bus bars, industrial electric furnaces, rectifier equipment, welding equipment and other high-current equipment for flexible conductive flexible connectors.