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Lightning Grounding of Curtain Wall Copper Braided Ground Strap

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Generally, the cross-sectional area of copper braided ground strap used in the lightning protection design of curtain wall projects is greater than 16mm². Three factors must be determined for the copper braided ground strap of customized curtain wall engineering lightning protection design, which is length, width, and aperture. In the purchase of raw materials according to their actual needs, the material can be divided into pure copper and tinned copper. Tinned copper has the effect of oxidation and corrosion resistance.

Lightning grounding copper braided wire, lightning-proof design connecting wire products have high conductivity, smooth and bright surface, good contact surface, superior electrical conductivity, strong applicability, good flexibility, easy installation, easy heat dissipation and bending resistance.

Curtain wall lightning protection copper braid wires are widely used in high-rise building grounding protection sites. The products have passed ISO9001 quality system certification. The company's product specifications are complete. There are copper braid wires, busbar flexible connections, and copper braided flexible connections , Copper foil connection, copper stranded wire, copper grounding straps, etc.