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The Advantages of Flexible Copper Braided Connectors with Insulation

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Bridgold produces copper braided connectors, which is suitable for high and low voltage electrical appliances, vacuum electrical appliances, mine explosion-proof switches, automobile batteries, locomotives, electric cabinets, busway, industrial electric furnace, electrolysis training, welding equipment, rectifier equipment and others.

The flexible copper braided connectors with insulation has the advantages of no need for cutting and stripping, flexible and convenient connection, quick installation, and the insulating layer can also have the functions of reducing oxidation, excellent vibration resistance, and reducing the volume of the device. However, in many cases, it is not suitable to use flexible copper braided connectors with insulation, but the performance of heat dissipation is required. In this case, it is not suitable for the purchase of flexible copper braided connectors with insulation.