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PVC Dip Coating Flexible Copper Connectors for Power Battery Pack

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Nowadays, we vigorously implement of new energy vehicles. Thus, a good set of battery packs can bring enough power, great power quality and safe driving quality to the car. Then when we use new energy vehicles, the battery pack, the car power system and what is the flexible copper connectors for power battery pack used for connecting other components? What material we should use?

Mr. Huang is a new energy vehicle battery pack manufacturer. He found Bridgold and asked about material and price of PVC dip coating flexible copper connectors for power battery pack produced by Bridgold.

He told us that he had found several flexible copper foil connectors manufacturers, but he was not satisfied when he visited other factory. What Mr. Huang was dissatisfied with was that when he visited, some of the products that the manufacturers took were very poor and the service was bad. Finally, they were found to our company introduced by several friends.

Here we tell Mr. Huang and everyone, our raw materials guarantee T2 copper and provide proof of raw materials.

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