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Congratulations to Bridgold for winning the ”High-growth Industrial Training Enterprise (Wen Zhou)”

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January 9, 2018, the Wenzhou Municipal Government announced the latest list of leading industrial enterprises and high-growth industrial enterprises, including 103 companies such as Kangnai Group Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Bridgold Copper Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 108 companies are Wenzhou high-growth industrial enterprises. It is understood that the publication of these two lists is mainly to implement the ‘two healthy’ pioneering areas in the new era and accelerate the high-quality development of the private economy.

Thanks to the government recognition and affirmation of Bridgold. We are grateful to all the colleagues in the community for their trust and support. We will keep pace with the times and strive to get the glorious title of leading industrial enterprises as soon as possible to make Wenzhou's industrial economic development. Leading role, just like the mission and responsibility of Bridgold, creating high-quality flexible copper connectors, leading the development of flexible copper connection, determined to connect every device in the world that needs flexible copper connectors.