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The Demand for New Energy Copper Foil Shunt Becomes A Bright Spot

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In recent years, Zhejiang Bridgold Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has adapted to the market competition demand, aimed at the high-tech market, and continued to adjust the industrial structure to make the copper foil laminated shunt deeper and deeper. At present, Insulated Flexible Copper Busbar for New Energy Vehicle have already rushed to the high-end technology industry chain such as new energy vehicles, new energy storage equipment and high-speed rail.

In the next few years, more people in the world will have access to electricity resources, and more and more power resources will come from renewable sources. The increase in electricity supply depends on new power generation equipment, and whether it is a new fossil fuel power plant or a wind turbine, the consumption of copper will inevitably increase. The demand for Insulated Flexible Copper Busbar for New Energy Vehicle as a copper product is self-evident, which is not only a rare opportunity but also a huge challenge for BRIDGOLD, which is specialized in research and development and production of new energy copper foil shunt!