BRIDGOLD Participated in the First International Conference on Industrial and Energy Internet of Things Innovation

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    From September 10th to 13th, the first International Industrial and Energy Internet of Things Innovation and Development Conference was held in Wenzhou. This is the only international conference that focuses on the development of the energy Internet of Things. BRIDGOLD, a quality supplier of flexible copper laminated connector for new energy vehicles, was also fortunate to be invited.

    With the theme of “Smart Energy, IOT World”, the conference aims to enhance technical exchanges and cooperation, which integrate global innovation resources, and share the blueprint for innovation and development of industry and energy.

    This conference takes the industrial and energy Internet of Things as the entry point, which not only meets the actual needs of Wenzhou's industrial transformation and upgrading, but also seeks to promote the development of digital economy in Wenzhou and seize the commanding heights of digital economic development. BRIDGOLD is also fortunate to participate in this conference, to get in touch with and understand the cutting-edge fields of various smart industries in China.

     Intelligent and digital makes our production and life more flexible and convenient, which makes the scope of work is wider, the flexibility of work is greater, and the flexibility is as flexible as the BRIDGOLD flexible copper laminated connector.


    These high-tech technologies seem to be out of reach, but they have slowly penetrated into our daily life. For example, BRIDGOLD copper braided wire workshop has now adopted equipment intelligent full-process monitoring to quickly find products such as broken holes and timely response. First timing, we discovered the product defect and ensured the quality of the product.

     Not only that, after more than 30 years of process upgrade, BRIDGOLD independently developed high-speed automatic one-time blanking die and joint development of new energy vehicle flexible copper shunt special-shaped high-speed automatic cutting equipment, and BRIDGOLD plans to adopt intelligent automatic manipulator in the future and determined to become more efficient. More accurate flexible copper connector manufacturer.

   BRIDGOLD not only uses “flexible” intelligent management in the workshop. After the exhibition, we also found that flexible copper laminated connector products are everywhere in the high-tech fields of intelligence and data. Our flexible copper connectors maintain optimum mechanical performance levels while moving and heating equipment. Therefore, it can play a role in protecting equipment and prolonging its service life, and can be widely used in various fields such as new energy vehicles, wind energy, electric power, and rail transportation. Just like the exhibitors came back and sighed: there is a place where there is industry, there is a BRIDGOLD flexible copper connectors!

    In the era of intelligence, choosing BRIDGOLD flexible copper connectors, means choosing flexible quality and intelligent life.