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Advantages of Copper Grounding Straps

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Copper grounding straps are widely used in industrial equipment manufacturing and other current equipment to make flexible conductive connections, so what are the advantages of copper grounding straps?

The copper grounding straps are formed by multi-layer copper tape or multi-strand copper wire braided wire or a plurality of copper wire stranded wires connected to copper pipes or copper noses by crimping or welding. Its welding quality directly affects the normal operation of the conductive system and its service life and safety performance. When copper grounding straps are used, which can reduce the damage of stress and deformation to the power supply facilities, extend the service life, be maintenance-free, improve the installation efficiency, and have good heat dissipation.

Advantages and functions of copper grounding straps: It can avoid operating accidents caused by earthquakes and displacements in the surrounding environment, making the conductive connection between high-current devices more convenient, reliable, and safe. Protect all related equipment from external forces, absorb the noise and vibration generated during the operation of high-current electrical equipment, and play a role in auxiliary heat dissipation.