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Buy High-voltage Flexible Copper Foil Laminated Connectors Selecting BRIDGOLD is Reliable

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BRIDGOLD high-voltage flexible copper foil laminated connectors are a new type of high-voltage motor flexible copper connector. It is mainly suitable for 10 kV high-voltage motors. It adopts advanced DSP control and power electronic connector manufacturing technology.

The high-voltage flexible copper foil laminated connectors have the characteristics of small size, low energy consumption, high reliability, strong sensitivity, no contact, no maintenance procedures, and convenient installation. You will also find that flexible copper foil laminated connectors have the same effect, and all flexible links between electrical use. In the installation of transformers, high and low voltage switch gears, generators and buses, the connection between rectifiers and disconnectors has their figure, in recent years has also been frequently used in aerospace and new energy industries.

Many companies use high-voltage flexible copper foil laminated connectors requirements when producing BRIDGOLD for copper foil connection jacket heat shrinkable tube, PVC tube, silicone tube or spray coating. The housing can be insulated to prevent leakage and electric shock, pollution from the surrounding environment, and protect the flexible copper foil laminated connectors itself to prolong its service life.