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20-500mm Width of Knitted Wire Mesh

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The material of pure copper mesh: annealed Cu-ETP wires, C11000, copper content ≥ 99.95%.

The features of Knitted wire mesh: non-magnetic, wear resistance, fast heat transfer, electrical conductivity and good sound insulation.

Processing method: copper wire braided (plain, twill, mat-shaped dense braided mesh, etc.), or copper plate punched into copper plate punched mesh, which can also be made into braid sleeve.

Application of pure copper mesh: mainly used for fine screening of various gases, liquids and solids. Radiation protection of special facilities such as special cable circuits, computer rooms, laboratories, etc. Anti-electromagnetic interference for electronic equipment, power sector, aerospace, information industry and military equipment, etc.

The best season for processing knitted copper mesh is winter. The weather is dry and the humidity is low, which ensures that the copper mesh does not change color. So remember to wear gloves when working in the summer to ensure the quality requirements of the product;