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The Function of Copper Braided Busbars for Electrical Application

Publish Time: Author: Site Editor Visit: 2089

Copper braided busbars, known for their durability, are used for high-strength electrical connections in cables around the world. Braided wires mainly solve two major problems in the electronic field: safe contact and static elimination.

If you need a firm and flexible braided wire, the BRIDGOLD copper braided busbars will ensure the performance you need. The braided component is a cost-effective way to protect electrical equipment from the following hazards: shock and vibration, terminals caused by temperature changes or the expansion of the connection area, the movement of components, deviations that may occur during the service life of electrical equipment and machinery, seasonal movement of outdoor equipment.

BRIDGOLD provides you with a series of copper braided busbars, which is suitable for applications that require strong and copper braided busbars. Usually used in the automotive, aerospace and railway industries. This copper braid wire is a flat tinned copper braided wire as a flexible part material. In many cases and applications, it is a good choice.