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BRIDGOLD—A Professional Customization-oriented Enterprise of FLEXIBLE COPPER CONNECTORS

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    GE brought BRIDGOLD flexible braided copper shunt into wind energy; ABB lead flexible laminated copper connector into the power system; Siemens introduced laminated copper shunt to medical Industry; JIANGHE Group put BRIDGOLD copper braids into the curtain wall; Microvast Power drawn BRIDGOLD flexible copper busbar into new energy vehicles

    Since its establishment, BRIDGOLD has not given up on the improvement of the quality of flexible laminated copper shunt, and has upgraded from the original rough processing technology to the nowadays well-known polymer seamless welding process, which has made great progress and thus gained like the favor and support of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as CHNT and Daqo Group. The company will also be committed to creating high-quality flexible copper connector as its glorious mission, treating each customer with BRIDGOLD with integrity, responsibility, excellence and win-win attitude, so that BRIDGOLD vision of connecting the world can be achieved real existence.

    BRIDGOLD——A devoted young team creates limitless possibilities FOR YOU!