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Grounding Copper Braids’ Features and Advantages

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    BRIDGOLD produces copper braid/tinned copper braid with multiple square dimensions. BRIDGOLD has adopted the advanced 8 generations of multi-head braiding machine produced so far. The braiding machine has perfect assembly line, complete specifications, diversified product structure, large single sunrise output, and can fully satisfy the copper braid of various structures. Line production supply requirements.

    Copper braid model: TZ (refers to T2 copper braided wire), TZX (referred to tinned T2 copper copper braided wire)

    ——The structure of copper braid:

    Wire structure strands * wire number per strand * layers/ Single wire diameter(mm)

    ——Specification of copper braid:

    (1) TZ-15/10: T2 pure copper braid with a diameter of 0.15mm, which is woven into a bare copper braided wire of 10 mm2

    (2) TZX-12/12: tinned T2 copper braid with a diameter of 0.12mm, which is woven into 12mm2 tinned copper braided wire.

    ——The performance of copper braid: high conductivity, large current capacity and low resistance.

    ——The advantages of copper braid: resistance to bending, oxidation, fatigue and heat dissipation.

    ——The use of copper braid: It is commonly used in electrical equipment, switchgear, electric furnace, battery, equipment, machinery, automobile, grounding and other industries. It is mainly used for conducting, transmitting, non-horizontal electrified movement and medium and low voltage electrical appliances as power supply.