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Factory Direct Flexible Copper Stranded Conductor

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    Flexible copper strands are selected from high-quality and T2 copper for the production of raw materials, carefully crafted by multi-wire drawing process. Flexible copper strands’ size can be customized according to customers. The requirements require fine-cutting. The tolerance control accuracy can be ±0.03. The inside and outside are smooth and neat, and can be tinned or plasticized according to the customers’ requirements.

    Theflexible copper strands are a power electrical flexible connection for power transmission and transformation, and various electrical and electronic equipment. The conductive flexible connection of the thyristor component can also be grounded in the electric power industry. The selected high-quality round T2 copper strands drawing is softly connected through the casing to make a flexible connection, and the production process is toughened, so that the product is more flexible, which the shape is neat and beautiful.