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Installation Specification of Bridgold Copper Braided Bonding Jumper

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    The copper braided bonding jumper is the connection what lines for anti-static grounding. The Bridgold copper braided bonding jumpers are made of oxygen-free copper, which is no direction requirement, high purity, high copper content and corrosion resistance. The resistance value makes the anti-static jumper particularly safe and efficient. The material of the Bridgold copper braided bonding jumper is generally copper and copper clad aluminum.

    Copper is divided into bare copper and tin-plated copper. The tin-plated copper is better than the bare copper. The rest of the use and advantages are the same. If used in the general anti-static location of the copper braided jumper 4mm², 6mm²and 10mm²is enough. The customized copper braided bonding jumper first determines the three elements, length, width, and specifications of copper lugs, and then selects the material according to its needs. The copper braided bonding jumpers are applied to the junction of two cable trays, which can protect the leakage.