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BRIDGOLD 50mm² Ground Copper Braids

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    BRIDGOLD 50mm²ground copper braid is a kind of conductor with flexible connection properties. Because it is woven with flexible single copper wire like copper scorpion, which is called 50mm² ground copper braids. The ground copper braids have a large heat dissipation area, so the current density of the copper braid is allowed to be larger than that of the copper conductor.

    BRIDGOLD 50mm²ground copper braids have good elasticity, flexibility and smoothness, and are widely used in protective wiring harnesses for mobile cables such as electronics, automobiles and aviation, railway equipment, etc., BRIDGOLD 50mm²ground copper braids have good wear resistance such as wire harness shielding. The main characteristics are strong oxidation and corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and excellent temperature resistance. It is widely used in the chemical industry and other grounding protection connections.