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How to Calculate the Weight of 150mm²Tinned Copper Stranded Wire?

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    Bridgold tinned copper stranded wire is made of high quality and high purity T2 copper rod, which containing more than 99.95% copper. The coating is made of 99.95% tin content. The 150mm²tinned copper stranded wire is annealed during processing, flexibility, and has good bending resistance, continuous stock, no shortage of shares, and the product meets international requirements. Our tinned stranded copper wire is deeply trusted and supported by customers from all walks of life such as power transmission and distribution, electrified railway, grounding braid project and industrial electric furnace.


   150mm2 tinned copper stranded wire, which means the structure is 15*7*81/0.15, the 0.15 means single wire diameter. We consider the 1 meter copper strand as a height of 1 meter, a bottom area of 150mm², 100cm height, and 1.5 square centimeters. The density of copper is 8.9 g/cm3, according to the mass density volume formula: mass=density* volume, ie 150mm²tinned copper strand wire =1008*1.5*8.9=1.335KG, which is only used as the calculation weight, The actual weight shall prevail in other square-sized copper strands, the weight can also be calculated according to such a formula for reference.