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High Flexibility Product Performance of Woven Knitted Copper Mesh

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    BRIDGOLD often makes two kinds of copper meshes, one is tinned copper mesh, and the other is bare woven knitted copper mesh. In appearance, it can be seen that the tinned copper mesh is brighter and silvery white than bare copper mesh.

Product Name woven knitted   copper mesh
Specification 1mm-50mm
Color Purple and tin white
Material Annealed Cu-ETP wires, C11000 copper content≥99.95%
Application Protection and shielding of various   copper wires
Features Excellent flexibility, easy to bend, good   stretchability, elasticity and wear resistance, tinned copper mesh can be   expanded to 200% times.
Suggestions It is recommended to use wire outer diameter range   of 13mm, suitable for 16AWG, 18AWG wire

    The woven knitted copper mesh is woven from environmentally friendly PET yarn, which is widely used for harness protection of automobile wiring, cable etc. It has strong anti-corrosion, wear resistance, flexibility, and other properties. The unique mesh features also have good ventilation and timely diffusion of wire heat. It can be customized according to customer requirements and woven into different sizes with monofilament or multifilament.