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What Data Do We Need to Prepare for the Inquiry of Flexible Copper Laminated Shunts?

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Most of the flexible copper laminated shunts are customized products. After receiving the order, the customer communicates with us to confirm the details. After the inquiry is quoted, the production is arranged.

So how fast, accurate and sly to ask about the price of the flexible copper laminated shunts? Preparing the following data, let you get the quote quickly and efficiently?

1. The size of the flexible copper laminated shunts: total length, length of both ends, width, thickness of the end and cross sectional area;

2. The current carrying capacity of the flexible copper laminated shunts and drilling requirements (hole type and aperture);

3. The crimping or pressure welding process of the ends of flexible copper laminated shunts and whether the plating and plating processes are required;

4. Whether the flexible copper laminated shunts requires special process;

5. The packaging requirements and order quantity of flexible copper laminated shunts.

These are the issues that the salesperson needs to consider when quoting. Therefore, by preparing the above data, you can basically get the quotation quickly. However, some special shapes, which the process may require more communication to musure time.