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Great Quality Tinned Copper Wire Braid

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    BRIDGOLD specializes in the production of copper conductive copper flexible connector including tinned copper wire braid. It is a large flexible copper connector enterprise integrating production, processing, customization, sales and after-sales service.

    Tinned copper wire braid, which is cross-woven into a flat copper braid by a plurality of thin round copper wires, and has a flat shape. Double-sided copper braids are often used for electromagnetic radiation interference, which have good performance for grounded electrostatic discharge, and are also used for soldering. This product has a better effect for electromagnetic ray interference and has a good performance for grounded electrostatic discharge.

    The tinned copper wire braid are used to transmit and distribute electrical energy when used in power cable lines. It is commonly used in urban underground power grids, power outlets for power stations, internal power supply for industrial and mining enterprises, and underwater power lines that cross the river and cross the sea.