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How to Calculate the Cross Sectional Area of Flat Tinned Copper Braid?

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    The flexible tinned copper braid is considering copper braid wire as a conductor. The copper tube is crimped at both ends, and the surface of the copper tube is tinned. The joint standard is produced according to the customer's requirements, and then it is specially treated to make a flexible copper connector.

    The cross-sectional area of the Bridgold flat tinned copper braid is to calculate the cross section of the monofilament. For example, in the case of 25mm²flat tinned copper braid, the conventional specification is 48*30*1/0.15, and 48 refers to the number of spindles of the machine. 30 means that there are 30 copper wires in each cymbal. 1 refers to a single layer. Sometimes we will see 2, 3 and so on, which means double or triple layers.

    The formula for calculating the area of the circle: π*radius*radius, so the calculation formula of the flat tinned copper braid is how many copper wires* π*radius* radius, ie 1440(48*30)*0.075*0.075*3.14=25.434mm², which nominally 25mm².