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Insulated Bare Stranded Copper Wire

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    The raw material of insulated bare stranded copper wire is high-quality bare copper strand wire made by BRIDGOLD. It is mainly used in circuit breakers or switch cabinets, and can also be used for connection or grounding. Insulated bare stranded copper wire is made of high-quality copper wire or tinned flexible copper wire. After annealing and toughening treatment, the finished product of the bare wire is softer, and the appearance is neat and beautiful.

    BRIDGOLD insulated bare stranded copper wire can be produced in various specifications, with complete production equipment. The diameter of the mono-filament can be selected from 0.05mm-0.25mm, 2.5mm²-120mm²can be customized, the outer insulation layer is PVC, and the colors are optional: transparent, green, yellow, blue and red, and more colors can be customized.

    With more than 30 years of production and operation, the company has formed a large source manufacturer integrating production, sales and after-sales service. BRIDGOLD is a qualified supplier for many domestic and foreign manufacturers in the industry, and it is also a manufacturer that independently produces various copper flexible connections including insulated bare stranded copper wire.


    The insulated bare stranded copper wire produced by BRIDGOLD takes the customer's requirements as the criterion and uses raw materials as the core of the product. From material selection to delivery, the full name is quality control.