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How to Distinguish the Quality of Copper Braided Wire?

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    How to distinguish the quality of copper braided wire. BRIDGOLD intends to buy copper braided wire in large quantities, but I don't know how to distinguish the quality of the wire good or bad?

    BRIDGOLD distinguishes copper braided wire from the following points:

    1. Look at the material: the manufacturer provides the raw material test report.

    2. Resistance measurement: resistance is less than 0.01777 is T2 or above pure copper, otherwise it is mixed with other materials.

    3. Find the report: generally regular manufacturers will provide factory inspection reports.

    4. Look at the appearance: smooth surface, no broken strands, burrs, copper leakage, no redness, blackness.

    5. Weighing: Heavy products are better than light ones.

    6. The copper content of T2 copper braided wire is above 99.95%. It can be dissolved only at a height above 1080 degrees. It also needs about 500 degrees to be softened at high temperature annealing. The copper content of other materials is only about 60%, and the temperature resistance is only about 86% of pure copper. When it is burned with a lighter, it will explode in the middle.

    These methods are relatively simple. I believe that everyone will use them. You can roughly judge the quality of the copper braid. Therefore, when you buy copper braided connectors, don't blindly seek cheap, because the value of different materials is irreplaceable.