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Brief Introduction of Tinned Copper Round Braid 10mm2

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    The tinned copper round braid 10mm2 is a ribbon conductor woven from high quality bare copper or tinned copper wire. Bridgold adopts the current domestic advanced 8 generation multi-head knitting machine. The machine has complete specifications, rich product types and large daily output, which can meet the needs of various structural products.

    1. Tinned copper round braid 10mm2 structure: wire structure strands * wire number per strands * single wire diameter

    2. Meaning of tinned copper round braid 10mm2: TZ-15/10, TZ represents material, 15 represents a single wire diameter of 0.15mm, 10 represents a cross-sectional area of 10 square.

    3. Classification of tinned copper round braid 10mm2:

    A. Bare copper braid (TZ), made of copper braided wire, the conventional wire diameter is 0.12mm, 0.15mm, the product surface is flat, the resistance is small.

    B. Tinned copper braid (TZX) is made of tinned copper braid wire. The conventional wire diameter has a wire diameter of 0.12mm and 0.15mm. The surface of the product is smooth and anti-oxidation, and the color is silver gray.

    4. Performance of tinned copper round braid 10mm2 : high conductivity、large current capacity and low resistance

    5. Advantages of tinned copper round braid 10mm2: resistance to bending, anti-oxidation, anti-fatigue, easy to dissipate heat

    6. Application of tinned copper round braid 10mm2: commonly used in electrical equipment, switch gear, electric furnace, battery, equipment, machinery, automotive, grounding and other industries, which mainly used for conduction and transmission.