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The Advantages of Bridgold Dip Coating Laminated Copper Connectors

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    The plastic dip processing used for the flexible laminated copper connectors of new energy automobile dip copper foil is also called plastic coating. It is a plastic coating process. According to the different raw materials used for dip coating, it can be divided into liquid dip coating and plastic dip coating.


    The Advantages of Bridgold dip coating laminated copper connectors:

    1. PVC material is rich and non-toxic.

    2. the color configuration range is wide, you can configure a variety of colors, you can also choose a hard surface, soft surface, fine surface, rough surface.

    3. The electrical insulation properties of the coating film are excellent.

    4. Dip processing raw materials can be recycled, the thickness of coating film can be controlled, almost no waste is produced in the production process, and the production conditions are mild, which is conducive to environmental protection.

    5. The Bridgold dip coating laminated copper connectors is good in flexibility and excellent in tensile strength and elongation at break.

    Bridgold Dip coating laminated copper connectors process are very advantageous for high quality automotive lithium batteries, but dip processing increases the cost of product manufacturing.

    36 years of experience in the production and processing of Bridgold Dip coating laminated copper connectors Bridgold has customized a variety of different types of insulated laminated copper connectors for customers, mastering different processing methods of copper strip flexible joints, and has mature technology and advanced technology.