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Why Bridgold Braided Copper Flexible Have a Fast Speed Delivery?

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    New customers often ask about if the delivery date of tin-plated braided copper flexible can be shipped in three to five days? Customers may question: Is there a quality guarantee for products produced in such a short period of time? The answer is yes.

    Bridgold braided copper flexibleis a kind of conductive equipment, mainly used for low voltage circuit breakers. The braided copper flexible adopts copper braided wire as conductor, copper tube is used at both ends, and the surface of the copper tube is tin/nickle/silver-plated, and is made into a conductive strip through a series of processes such as punching, grinding, drilling and pressing. And braided copper flexible has the advantage of high conductivity and strong anti-fatigue ability.


    Bridgold braided copper flexible is delivered quickly because of the use of modern machine automatic production equipment, such as our braided copper flexible cutting machine. we introduce professional automatic cutting machine instead of manual cutting, because manual cutting has the disadvantage of slowness and inaccuracy; the automatic cutting machine can easily and efficiently cut precise and accurate dimensions by simply modulating the required length. The automatic cutting machine mass production not only reduces production time but also saves labor costs, greatly shortens the production delivery period, thus the price we give customers is the most favorable.

    Our braided copper flexible have fast delivery, affordable prices and reliable quality. This is why so many customers have been supporting Bridgold for so many years.