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The Characteristics of Flexible Insulated Copper Busbars?

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    The flexible insulated copper busbar is the best flexible busbar, standard type and low smoke zero halogen type. The conductor is composed of multi-layer anti-corona single copper sheets. There are two options: bare copper and tin plating. The insulated flexible copper busbar can be directly used by Punching.


    The features:

    1. Space / weight saving: requires a minimum of installation space compared to copper cable; insulated flexible copper busbar are shorten the length and number of conductors; it allows for a smaller installation spacing than the traditional insulated copper busbar;

    2. Saving time: saving time and cost of installing cable and saving inventory costs;

    3. The installation is facilitated by easy bending conventional products generally do not have heat-shrinkable tubes on the outer layer. BRIDGOLD can provide customized services such as heat-shrinkable tubes or PVC sleeves.


Typical use

Typical market

• Heavy-duty power interconnection

• Overcome vibration/alignment problems

• Circuit breaker, generator & prefabricated

power network conductor

• Variable terminating positions

• Machine connections

• Movable connection from massive busbar system

• Alternative to large & multiple cables

• Switchgear & control equipment

• Transport

• Electrical equipment manufacturers

• Power generation

• Machinery manufacturer