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Why is There A Fever During the Use of Copper Laminated Shunt?

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When customers request for quotation, they often reflect that copper laminated shunt that was purchased elsewhere has often caused heat during use. They asked us what is going on. In fact, there are several reasons:

1. When designing the copper laminated shunt over current, the value is too small to reach the maximum current of the device conduction;

2. The copper laminated shunt has too large contact holes at both ends, and it is not completely close to only partial contact, which can not meet the requirements of the store.

3. The thickness of the contact surfaces at both ends is not the same, resulting in overheating at the end of the thin current.

4. The use time is longer, and the outside begins to oxidize;

5. When copper laminated shunt is installed, the wiring in and out position is incorrect.

When choosing a good copper laminated shunt product, you should do this: from the color point of view, the good copper foil is more flexible and brighter in color, which higher in flexibility than ordinary aluminum foil.

From the point of view of weight, the two pieces of copper laminated shunt of uniform size and material size will be much better than the light weight. Conductive performance is strong, heavy copper laminated shunt are not prone to heat during over current.