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Why is the Labor Cost High in the Production Process of Laminated Copper Connectors?

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    Some buyers always find that the price of laminated copper connectors in our factory is high, and in the labor cost accounting, the customer said that there will not be such a high labor cost time. The customer has such feedback is basically not knowing the processing process of the laminated copper connector. For those processing processes that require labor, not only do we understand, today we will share with you the labor costs in the laminated copper shunt process.

    Copper foil welding is artificially consumed. The laminated copper connector is connected by molecular diffusion with a thickness of 0.1mm. Before welding, the soldering pieces need to be superposed and fastened by snaps, and the fixed copper foil is placed in the welding equipment. Finish welding and take it out to cool. In this process, personnel need to cooperate effectively to have high efficiency.


    The manual consumption of punching and drilling, the metal stamping enterprise relies heavily on the labor force, basically belongs to the management of one person and one machine, and the mechanical equipment needs special person control. The main reason for metal stamping is that the aluminum plate is formed according to the design of the die by the punching pressure of the machine tool. The removal of each piece and the placement of the material need to be done manually. Put the welded copper foil into the stamping equipment to complete the required punching process.

    The manual consumption of copper foil bending is different for different requirements of laminated copper shunt, and the bending degree and position of the laminated copper connector are also different. The flexible copper connector requires the cooperation of the fixture during the bending. The worker puts the laminated copper shunt into the fixture for bending, and pays great attention to the strength to avoid the damage.

    The laminated copper shunt package also needs to be packaged and packaged according to the customer's needs. The laminated copper shunt should also be separated by foam, etc., so as to avoid the surface scratching caused by the carrier friction.

    Understand the above processing steps, I believe that everyone has a deep understanding of the reasons for the large amount of manual consumption in the production of laminated copper connectors. The quality of the laminated copper shunt is related to the conductive function of the equipment. Every product must pay great attention to quality. Now we are dealing with the laminated copper connectors, which is mainly used for lithium batteries of new energy vehicles. It is related to the safety and stability of electric vehicles. We will try our best to grasp the quality of each product for our customers.