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Bridgold PVC Insulation Laminated Copper Foil Connectors

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    PVC Insulation laminated copper foil connectors are a kind of copper conductive flexible connection fitting with high conductivity, fast heat dissipation and easy bending. It is widely used in new energy vehicles, energy storage batteries and high-speed rail projects. In these applications, it is necessary to carry high voltage and large current. When the voltage is 1000V, the insulation layer plays an important role! If the quality of the insulation is not good, the current is likely to break down the insulation, putting the equipment at risk. In the design of such products, Bridgold has strict requirements for the PVC Insulation laminated copper foil connectors to the external insulation layer.

    The PVC Insulation laminated copper foil connectors are a commonly used method for insulating layers. Because the structure of the product is not the same, the shape and size of the laminated copper foil connectors are also different, and the choice of the insulation layer will also be different.

    The heat-shrinkable tube is sleeved directly with a PVC sleeve, and then crimped and formed by a high-temperature furnace. The heat shrinkable tube is convenient and quick to operate, and is suitable for the PVC Insulation laminated copper foil connectors. If the product is a complex shaped flexible connection, Bridgold recommends the use of extrusion, dip, and spray insulation.

    After years of experience in the production and processing of PVC Insulation laminated copper foil connectors, Bridgold has customized a variety of different types of laminated copper connectors for customers to master different processing methods of laminated copper shunt, and has mature technology and advanced equipment guarantee product quality.