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The Advantages of Flexible Copper Grounding Strap

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In recent years, the development of copper braided wire industry has been accelerating, and the production has been continuously improved, and the demand has also increased year by year, so that copper braided wires have an importantrole in the power industry.

The Advantages of Flexible Copper Grounding Strap

The production process of copper braided wires: from the traditional manual weaving process to the modern automatic weaving process, which its basic automatic weaving process, and to the new generation of automatic high-speed weaving machines nowadays. It directly reduces labor costs and improves production efficiency.

The Advantages of Flexible Copper Grounding Strap

Secondly, flexible copper grounding straps products are also used in the original equipment, and now slowly switch to flexible copper braided connection instead of copper bus bar. The main reason is that the flexible copper grounding straps can be used for any electromechanical system that requires continuous rotation and transmission of power and signals from a fixed position to a rotated position. Slip rings can improve the performance of the system, simplify the structure of the system, and avoid sprains caused by steel wires during rotation.

The performance of flexible copper grounding straps:

Elastic: The conductive strip is very flexible, and the bending radius is ten times than the width of the cable.

Flame retardant: conductive tape has good flame retardant and has good protection for equipment.

Safety: The conductive tape is an insulating material, which guarantees that the conductive tape will not leak current when it is energized, thereby ensuring the safety of the device during operation.