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The Criteria of Choosing Flexible Copper Braids?

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BRIDGOLD is a large-scale Braided Flexible Connectors company, which integrating production, processing, customization, sales and after-sales service. Adhering to the business philosophy of mutual benefit, scientific and technological innovation, and we bring high-quality flexible copper braid products to more customers.

Many customers often encounter difficulties when choosing copper braids, especially on website. For example: What standard wire material connection do I need to order? what is the material? Is the weight of this wire standard? And so on. We will tell you that based on different customers and different equipment, we have all the energy tailored to you. Selection standards that make you difficult. Our standards are different on different equipment. There are different requirements for both size and load current, so it is difficult to have standards for your reference.

And when buying flexible copper braid such as copper braided tape, our standard is the size of your installation, the size of the current and the use environment to provide you with the corresponding products, giving you the most suitable selection scheme. As for other standards, such as raw materials, coating standards, weaving and production process standards, and product quality standards, there are strict implementation guidelines from material selection to factory delivery. Giving you authentic materials and qualified products is a prerequisite for the company's mutual benefit.